Powered Up

North Florida Mega Industrial Park has strong support in utility resources.

At North Florida Mega Industrial Park (NFMIP), companies have access to the efficient quality utilities for high performance. From fresh water to electricity and more, our utility providers deliver the resources your business needs for success.

Water – City of Lake City and Columbia County

NFMIP sits atop one the nation’s most productive sources of groundwater, the Floridan Aquifer, and Lake City’s well field has been designed to make efficient use of this important natural resource. The current production capacity is 3.8 million gallons per day (at 700 gallons/minute). NFMIP is supplied by 12-inch water mains, ensuring plenty of volume for even large water users.

Wastewater – City of Lake City and Columbia County

NFMIP is served by Lake City’s wastewater treatment facility with a current eight-inch sewer main to handle current demands beginning at 120,000 gallons/day and greater. Businesses needing customized wastewater treatment can be accommodated on-site.

Electricity – Florida Power & Light (FPL)

Florida Power & Light, the state’s largest and most affordable electricity provider, serves NFMIP. Distribution-level service (3 phase 13.2 kV) is available at NFMIP, with transmission-level voltage (115 kV) within 1,000 feet (and a substation within two miles). In addition to significant capacity, FPL has the ability to provide redundant service to companies located in the Park that cannot risk outages.

Natural Gas – City of Lake City

A six-inch natural gas line adjacent to NFMIP is capable of delivering 40,000 cubic feet of natural gas each month. Businesses requiring substantial amounts of gas are assured of a reliable, abundant supply.

Telecommunications – AT&T and MCI

A trunk line and fiber provide high-capacity, high-throughput data, voice and other telecommunications services to the Park.