A Sizable Opportunity

With shovel-ready acres and certifications as a McCallum Sweeney Mega Industrial Park and a CSX Select Site, North Florida Mega Industrial Park is sized for a variety of uses.

As a McCallum Sweeney Certified Mega Industrial Park, North Florida Mega Industrial Park (NFMIP) participated in an in-depth due diligence process to determine its suitability for development. As a result, the certification provides the necessary studies, requirements and plans are already in place for prospective companies.

NFMIP is served by two railroads, Florida Gulf & Atlantic and Norfolk Southern. The Park boasts a mainline running parallel to U.S. Highway 90 connecting Jacksonville to Pensacola. North of the park, a rail spur is being constructed to service the park. CSX Select Sites are the first, premium certified rail-served sites for industrial development and expansion. Select Site certification criteria includes size, access to rail services, proximity to highways, workforce availability, natural gas, electricity, water and wastewater, along with environmental and geotechnical standards.

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